Game Ball Holder & Award Ideas:

After each game, give your MVP(s) a nice game ball holder or award that he or she will keep and always look forward to receiving! For all you baseball players, now the ball doesn’t end up in the backyard or lost! Here are a few examples, click on an image below for more options.

If you would like to hand the gameball holder or award out with the engraving completed right after the game, simply use a generic engraving. See example below

Example 1: Engraving plate done in advance.

Joe Ballplayer Spring 2004
Sandy Plains Mustang Rockies
Game MVP

If you would like the specific game on the engraving plate, simply hand out the game ball holder or award and place the plate on 1-2 days after the game See example below:

Example 2: Engraving plate done after the game is played.

Joe Ballplayer Spring 2004
Game 7 MVP
Rockies vs. Braves

Choose Different Figures For Each Player Depending On position Or Talent:

Design your trophies with a different figure on each players trophy depending on the players position or the special talent he or she possessed. Place a pitcher figure for your pitcher(s), first basemen figure catching the ball, top batters can receive batter figures, an outfield catching a pop fly and your fastest runner(s) receive a player sliding into home. All the players, parents and coaches will love the idea and with Game Ball Trophies “Design Your Own Trophy ” you now have the capability to choose any figure you like.


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